city visit

Yesterday I headed into the city to meet my good friend Gretchen (dive buddy and sometimes we think long lost sisters) from LA for dinner. We met up around 6, but I had gone in early to get my NYU student id card and to do one of my favorite things: wander. It was in the mid 70's yesterday and Spring is hard to beat in NY. Everyone is out, the trees are blooming, the parks are full.

I spent most of my time yesterday in the Village around NYU and Washington Square. I headed deeper into the village tho---off of the main drag of McDougal and meanered past the "mews" and the brownstones I never get tired of looking at. Every time I go to Greenwich, I say its my favorite area of the city, then every time I go to Central Park I say its my favorite are of the city... but really, I think Greenwich is my favorite. The shops, the locals (way less tourists in this part of town), the eclectic cafes, all with outdoor sidewalk seating and the famous landmarks like Cafe Wha?, where Bob Dylan spent much of his time back in the day). I never tire of walking when its nice-- I mapped out my distance: 7.6 miles! whoo! No need for the gym for a couple days! :-)

I am attaching some pics that I took. I love seeing the rooftop gardens especially! Also, one of Gretchen and I at dinner--Mexican Radio in Soho/Village area and a jazz group playing at Wash Square Park.

Tonight Tom the dogs and I are heading down to the boat to spend the weekend! Today was horrible weather---rained ALL day, but beginning tomorrow and for as long as I could see in the weather forecast, it should be in the low to mid 70's.


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