cool shot

hey everyone-- i put pics on here all the time of the city and the empire state building is hardly unique to this blog or any ny based web site, but the attached pic I think is just really cool. Tom is in the city this morning at our T-Mobile switch and took this shot with his phone.

We were there last night too at the City Year function. What an inspiring organization. Take a look at their website.
They have locations all over the country if you are interested.

We got to the city early last night and walked around the Chelsea district amongst the brownstones. Again I asked Tom if we could move into the city, into one of the beautiful brownstones. We can commute to work easy enough.
I figured with the beautiful weather, the friendly people, the chirping birds, the neighborhood cafe's, the beautuful architechture he would for sure consider it. Yeah... he still said no. I will keep trying! :-)

pics are of the great city shot and our future home. :-)


  1. ExportRyan said...

    I wouldn't suggest moving into the city. Should there be a zombie outbreak, you are pretty much toast there.  

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