This weekend our little family took the boat to our new Marina in Brick, NJ. Tom was the captain, Ollie and I the first mates and Frank found the highest spot he could get to and was the navigator the for the entire ride. Of course, all he was interested in was birds, but he was very good at navigating them. The dogs did great!

Our new Marina is so nice. It is surrounded by beautiful homes, a beachfront park and tons of shopping. And best of all (I think I have mentioned before) our slip is on the end row so we have an unobstructed view when looking out the front of the boat. We have a front row seat to beautiful sunsets, boats passing by and the very curious ducks that fly low and water ski next to the boat ( I know they know the dogs are watching).

We already met our neighbors across the dock, next door and down a boat. Everyone was so nice and the dogs are very welcome. In fact, our next door neighbors who we have already hit it off with (John and Lisa) have two wiener dogs named Snickers and Reeses (pieces). They are a tiny bit smaller than Frank and Ol, but similar in personality--especially Ollie and Reeses (female). Ollie is pretty timid and takes a while to warm up to others but she was great with the dogs and John and Lisa. Frank of course was best friends with everyone and no doubt will be visiting the boats of all our neighbors soon--as soon as he gets the nerve up to jump from dock to boat.

We finished cleaning the inside and outside of the boat and Tom re-did the audio visual components to bring them up to tom standards. :-) He of course did a great job--these things come natural to him and it amazes me each time.
We spent the night on Saturday and it was so fun! Water camping is the best!! We cooked dinner in the oven and read and relaxed. It was so nice to wake up to the sunrise and make some coffee, read the paper and just be on the water.

It was a wonderful time and we can't wait to go back next weekend!

However, I think the weather karma has caught up with me (I have been un-bashfully gloating about our perfect weather). This week its supposed to only be in the 60's here, but in Seattle--the 70's. Oh well. On average, I am still right (kidding!!)

Attached are some pics.
*tom polishing up the front; diana and ollie at sunset; sunset from the boat; view from the boat; frank in his favorite spot--on the dock looking for ducks; neighbors john, lisa with di and the 4 dogs.