Ahoy, DiNamic!!!

Today we had an EXCELLENT day at the boat! Among other things, Tom got all of the finishing touches done with caulking, the gps and the very important amplifier and lower deck remote control for our "boomin' system". I stayed in the cabin most of the day organizing and cleaning (the pic of Frank & me lounging at the front does not reflect my hard work today!). It was 77 degrees today! How could I not lay out for a little bit!

I have posted some pics of the boat. They were taken with my camera phone so they aren't the best quality, but you get the idea.

The Marina in the background is just where we are for now. We are heading a few towns down on the shore on Friday for our permanent slip spot.

pics: (clicking on each pic should make it bigger...)
kitchen (the black panels you see are windows that are covered at the moment); back room (captain quarters-with black bedding), one of the views from the "crew's quarters": the sky light; the back salon area from the kitchen looking to the back room; tom caulking and a couple of the dogs on the way to the boat. Of course they were there too! They love it!


  1. Kristen said...

    That's a sweet setup!! :)  

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