seems like summer

today after work i walked down to the gym and what did I see??? The development's pool being primed and ready! Whoo hoo!
I asked the pool guy working there if I could just take a quick dip and not tell anyone (it doesn't open until Memorial Day) and he said sure!! But since we are newbies to the area, I didn't want us to get kicked out, so I passed--that was hard to do. It was in the mid 80's today, well for me... Tom had to fly to Seattle for a quick trip and its been rainy and cold there.

The dogs and I have been hiking through the woods near our house the past few mornings, the dogs by choice, me not so much. Frank high tailed-it after a squirrel a couple days ago (and dang near caught it) and since then--he is still on the hunt. Thankfully the jaunts thru the woods as of late have been in the nice dry weather rather than that cold, snowy one I recall very vividly a few months back.

Tom is headed home tonight! Thankfully he has been traveling less lately.
The weather is supposed to change here for the weekend and be a bit rainy. We are hoping that changes since we want to get the boat in the water.

We are having the inside of the house painted some; my office and all of our hallways. This summer we have a huge amount of visitors coming (yay!!) and we can't wait to show off our new house and city!!

Well, that's enough catch up. Hope everyone has a good rest of the week and we'll touch base again soon. :-)

*pic is of frank on the lookout for the squirrel that schooled him.


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