we love spring!!

spring has definelty sprung here in the tri-state area! today it got up to 65 and even this evening at around 5 30 it was still that warm--I walked the dogs wearing just a t-shirt, flip flops and running pants! What a great feeling! Tomorrow is supposed to be back down to more reg temps for this time of year (high 40's) but even then, its sunny and that is so wonderful.

Tom is on his way home. He was in Virginia last night for work. His flight there was delayed 4 hours and coming home, delayed 2 hours. Air travel is getting so horrible lately and sadly, the delays become something to count on! But, he'll be home shortly and hopefully he doesn't have to travel for a little while now.

We are in wedding planning mode now and are having so much fun! My sister and friends are all giving me some great ideas (thanks Deb and Melissa who should quit their day jobs and become wedding planners)! We plan on having a very small intimate wedding and we will be sending out announcements and pictures for all to see! More to come on that. We are so happy to be getting married!!! As our friend Dave said to us-- when you finally meet that right person, you really know it. :-) That is so true --we are so lucky to have that knowledge, that feeling. (I know... so mushy!) :-)

Attached are some more pics from Laura's visit. International Pillow Fight, us at the top of the rock with central park in the distance and us in front of the fountain at Bryant Park.


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