wandering ny

hey everyone! happy Thursday! today laura and i got a late start (intentional) and headed into the city at around 1. We wandered aimlessly for the most part but headed uptown to the usual popular spots including madison park, union square, washington park etc, etc, etc--it was wonderful: blueish sky, not too cold and lots to do and see. This is one of the best times i have had in the city. While I love seeing the sights that make NY famous, I love just walking around and finding things accidentally. Lucky for me, so does Laura.
As I said, it wasn't too cold today, but very windy, so at times we'd duck in somewhere to wait the gust out (or to shop). Of course the Strand (famous bookstore with miles of books to browse through) was a stop and we could not depart there without a few purchases each. I picked up a NY coffee table book for all of our visitors to thumb thru (who am I kidding--its totally for Tom and I too gaze at... and our visitors :-) as well as a book on publishing. Laura picked up one of the most classic classics of all time that I highly recommended--A Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde.
We also thumbed thru all of the Strand's recommended books and shared our personal views on some of the books and got ideas for future reading material. Laura has read a bunch of books I have not and likewise so that was a great experience.

After Strand we headed to Greenwich Village so I could show her my new school!!! Thats right--I am officially a student of NYU now! With Tom (and Laura's) support and my own desire, I have enrolled in a couple courses this summer. The classes are in the late afternoon one night a week so my job will not be interrupted. I am so excited to take classes that I want to take rather than what I have to take. They are both writing classes taking me back to my undergrad days as an English major. I am very excited and felt proud and happy showing Laura around the NYU campus (which is the streets of Greenwich Village and the Washington Square Park area).

We ate at 'Mexican Radio', a restaurant I have been wanting to try since Tom and I saw it on our first visit to NY back in August. Its a Mexican restaurant (duh) named after a song by Stan Ridgeway of Wall of Voodo fame (80's music). The atmosphere was great--kitschy mexican cool and they played the Shin's--a band Laura and I love--so all was good, including the food. The waiters were mute we think, or perhaps Laura and I were just talking and laughing too much for them to get a word in... haha.

After dinner we headed to the Soho Apple Store. I encourage anyone that says we are in a recession to take a visit to their nearest Apple Store. Holy cow-- it (and all Apple Stores) was packed and we could barely maneuver thru the tons of customers yet stand in line for a purchase. It was quite the techy NY experience. After that (and plans to go to the really cool glass cube apple store on 5th near Central Park tomorrow) we caught the Q train and headed to Penn Station to come home.

Tom got home just as we did (he flew in from DC tonight) and I was so happy to see him! While he ate some dinner, Laura, he and I visited and then just relaxed and watched some TV. Laura and I are crazy party animals tonight and while Tom decided to head to bed, we stayed up and surfed the net, visited, talked about books and laughed about whatever... real crazy! haha
What a great day. :-)

I will load some pics tomorrow. Have a great Friday.


  1. ExportRyan said...

    Way to go on getting rolling on school! Of course, I have been in school all along. The school of hard knocks, our colors are purple and blue and our favorite food is a knuckle sammich.

    But yeah, good for you my friend.  

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