dinner with todd

I had no time to recover after Malea's visit. After dropping her off at the airport I headed back into the city for dinner with one of my closest friends, Todd (you may recall from a past post that he and his wife Kyla came to visit us in Nov when they ran the NYC Marathon). He was in town on a layover on his way to the Dominican Republic and I was happy I had a chance to hang out with him. Unfortunately, Tom couldn't join us for dinner as he was flying back that night from Virginia.

We ate at an eclectic little Thai restaurant on the edge of Greenwich Village where we were pretty much the only patrons. That concerned us a bit at first, but the food was pretty good tho and since we had the place to ourselves we could laugh as loud as we wanted (and I did that a bunch)!
After dinner we opted to walk back to the train station rather than take a cab. It was a wonderful night for a walk. We covered about 30 blocks but it felt like much less. It was 60 degrees or so at 10pm and the streets were populated, but not crowded.

Seeing the Wash Square Park Arch lit up is amazing. It was a perfectly sunny day and on sunny day nights--the arch looks its best. That combined with the Empire State Building lit up as well as the bustling cafe's and restaurants-- its hard not to love the city on a warm spring night. After a late night coffee at Starbucks, I caught the train home and Todd headed to his hotel for his early morning flight today. It was so great to see him and catch up!

This week Tom travels once more, this time to S Carolina, but thankfully just for one night! I though am heading to Seattle on Saturday to visit with some friends and family before a busy work week. I hate being gone that long from home, but if I don't go a couple days early--I don't get to see as many people as I'd like. I wish Tom could come, but he has to travel to Puerto Rico a couple days next week. :-(

Have a good rest of the week! :-)

pics: the arch at night


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