the plague

I had a great week in Seattle--except for the plague that has hijacked my body along with nearly everyone else in this area. I came down with a terrible cold on Monday and except for a few outings with friends and family last weekend before it really hit me... most plans I had with friends this week were cancelled; either they were sick, or I was. I was very happy I had a lot of time with Zane and Chloe though. They are so fun! I love hearing Zane's imaginative stories and songs which he is eager to share with "Auntie". As Zane sings, Chloe dances and laughs along. Very cute.

Work, even though I was a bit under the weather, was great. We had long meetings, but the outcome was totally worth it. Our group has grown over the past few months and the time we had really allowed us to bond. We also did events in the evening and we had a lot of fun.

Tom is in Puerto Rico tonight and will be back tomorrow afternoon. I too get back tomorrow after leaving Seattle early in the morning--not looking forward to that flight!

Sorry this entry is so short. More to come when I am off my nyquil/sudafed/afrin cocktail.
Here are a couple pics though of my time in Seattle: pre-sick.

melissa, lauren, adele(lauren's baby)and me
my sister and Chloe
matty, laura and myself having "blunch" at endalyne joe's in west seattle


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