sorry to have waited so long to write again. Laura and I pretty much were on the go the entire time she was here so I had no time. We did so much and had so much fun, this entry can't possibly capture the easy-going feeling we had covering Manhattan nearly from end to end--and by foot! (We only rode the subway once)! Laura, as most of my visitors, fit right in quickly to the fast paced city life. It was Spring Break last week so the city was extra packed.

Friday and Saturday the weather was perfect. Blue sky, hardly any wind and lots to see and do of course. In those two days we hit Central Park (the ice rinks are still open, yet we saw the first sign of blooming flowers), Bryant Park, saw A Chorus Line on Broadway (we bought the tickets Wed night for 100 each and we were center stage 3 rows from the front! Deal!), stopped by the Strand a second time (we are addicted) and the highlight was going to the "Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center). We were up 67 stories and with the weather perfect we could see everything. The view of Central Park is my favorite and Tom and I plan to head up here each season and get pictures. We also made Union Square a main destination. There is always something happening there with the Farmers Market and artists as well as the bands that are coming out of the woodwork now that the weather is getting nice. We witnessed (and dang near joined) a very large Tibetan rally against China (if you want more info on this or my opinions... please email me and I will be glad to discuss) AND in another area of the park the annual world wide pillow fight was going on. It sounds crazy and it sort of was. Mostly college age kids took part and tons of pillows and feathers were flying everywhere. Union Square also is the main area for local artists to gather and sell their art. We chatted up a boy I have bought from before that is from Vancouver, WA. He is a wonderful photographer and trying to put himself thru art school in New York.
We also rummaged thru the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market on Saturday and enjoyed the people watching and some of the antique items. It was such nice weather. We closed out the visit with a very nice dinner with Tom near our house. He spent Saturday at the boat installing some electronic gear and running wires. He loves doing that!

Attached are some pics from the weekend (central park, empire, tibet rally and the cry to boycott the beijing olympics, the flat iron building) and I will attach more soon.

On Sunday we had the most un-traditional Easter that we have ever had. After taking Laura to the airport, Tom and I headed into the city and went to Spamalot on Broadway. It was so funny. Pretty much non-stop jokes and if you like Monty Python, even just a little, you will like this play. So, instead of Ham for Easter, we had Spam.
Happy Monday! More to come soon!


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