mid march already?!

Wow! hard to believe that the first day of Spring will arrive this week! What a welcome event! It actually seems like Spring already with the trees starting to bloom (actually, our area is behind Seattle--when i was there last week I saw that most of the cherry trees were already in full bloom).
Tom is in Charlotte for quick 2 night trip. I am so glad that most of his trips are short. Tomorrow my friend Laura from Seattle is flying into town! I can't wait! I am taking Thursday and Friday off to hang out with her. We are going to hit the city of course, but in a low key way. Laura has been to NY before and has seen all the main sights so I think we'll hit the museum circuit, head to the famous Hell's Kitchen Flea Market (Hell's Kitchen is an area in Manhattan), maybe see an off-Broadway show (Tom will probably meet us for that!) and wander around Central Park. We are playing it by ear for sure--I am really looking forward to being in the city with no must see destinations.

I am crazy busy at work--but I love it, so that makes things manageable and with Tom gone, I end up working late which benefits me, my boss and the dogs who get to stay up late with "mom". Win-win-win!

I will write later about Laura's visit and all of our great flea market treasures! :-)


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