pretty slow and wet week

hey all-- not much to report lately--pretty quiet on the home front.
Aside from the tragic amount of rain we got last weekend (Central Park counted nearly 6" of rain in 48hrs) which led to terrible flooding (not for us but for so many in Jersey, NY and Connecticut) and made us feel as if we were back in Seattle, we have just been busy working getting ready for our trip to the British Virgin Islands (BVIs) in a few days.

The dogs are still not able to come along on this trip, but instead of the doggie spa which they really don't prefer (neither do we), our great friend Nick is going to be staying at our house and watching Frank and Ol. We cannot tell you how happy this makes us and knowing Nick is here with them will make this vacation even better!! He came over to visit the dogs the other night and normally feisty Ollie took to him INSTANTLY. I think a tear dripped from my eye I was so happy.

I will have lots to write about during our trip so stay tuned... also check out this link for my travel web site. :) I hope you like it---its still a work in progress but its coming along.

Here is to a happy Spring for you (March 20) as well as the celebration of the best day of our lives (Tom and I): our 1st wedding anniversary (March 20).

Here is a pic to take you back to that awesome day if you were unable to join us in person!!


  1. Andrea said...

    Has is really been a year?? Congratulations and hope you have a fabulous trip! :)  

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