where are you summer?

Its been sort of a quiet week around our house. Tom took a few days off work to tend to the boat and get it out of the water for bottom painting and other little projects that I don't get myself too involved in for fear of 1) them becoming my little projects as well and 2) delaying those little projects. I spent the week working and trying to get rid of ANOTHER cold that I have caught somehow. Ugh. I think I am officially a "carrier" now.

The weather has been awful--just gross--reminding me of days of past...misty grey skies, dripping leaves, puddled grass and wet dogs. The only difference between here when it rains and in Seattle is the use of umbrellas by the locals. Here in the NE most people we see break out the umbrella at the first drop of rain--even if they are just going from car to store.
Each time I see this I can't help but chuckle a little as I zip up my fleece jacket and think "ha--they don't know what rain really is!"

Anyway, this weather is extremely odd for our area this time of year, so, I cling to that fact which convinces me that this trend can't last.

Enough of my negative ho-hum attitude though-- the weather should improve just in time for my friend Craig to come to town. He is flying into meet up with some buddies and I am taking Wednesday off to show him around the city as he has never been. His wife Jean, one of my closest friends, is staying home with their boys. Despite my plotting to get her out here too, its probably for the best: if she were here as well--Tom and I would need an entire week off, rather than just a day, to party with those two!

We did get to spend some fun time with my friend Todd at our favorite restaurant/bar on Thursday. Todd is quite the local there now as he has been coming out so much for work. He is feeling pretty good that the bartenders know his name and his drink of choice (he calls the place Cheers).

So-- nice week, but just damp. We toast to brighter days!!


  1. Lauren said...

    Hey, don't laugh about the umbrellas. We still use them despite having move to the PNW:)  

  2. SeattleGrl said...

    Awesome pic and post. I laughed so hard because the umbrella thing is oh sooo true. I often have conversations with my doorman on whether it is truly raining or not.

    Great post Di!!!  

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