Bizarro World? Opposite Land?

Like something out of a Twilight Zone episode--- our weather has seemingly SWAPPED places with our old hometown. While yesterday, today AND tomorrow here (and last week) the forecast calls for 100% chance of rain and temps below 60 degrees, Seattle is baking--(seriously, actually baking I think) in 90 degree temps. I do have to say--this weekend, its supposed to be in the 80's here, but still... its odd.

But--we are happy for our friends and family. However, true to their native Seattle ways (many of them anyway), we are slowly starting to hear the "its too hot" complaints...
Oh give it time Seattle, give it time--soon enough it will be dreary and gray again.

In the mean time, Tom and I are putting on our rain boots and grabbing our umbrellas and sucking it up as we know that soon enough, like in 1 day, the sun will shine again.

We plan on heading to the boat tomorrow after work and this weekend we have paddle surfing on our schedule! :) Can't wait!! I also am going to pick the pen back up and get to writing again. I basically have taken 2 months off from writing-- since Curacao -- and I ache to get back into it.

Happy Weekend and I hope to have some pics to post of sunny days soon!


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