hey all-- and again, its Monday. These weekends go by TOO FAST.

Tom and I had a busy one! I was actually off all last week as you know, which was nice, but of course work doesn't take time off so my day today was packed... but I digress...

After a fun night out with our friends Frank and Patti, Tom and I headed to the boat for the weekend. It was fabulous weather and we couldn't wait to take the boat out and get some sun.

Saturday we headed to a favorite haunt of ours---Tyces Shoal (this is the sea part of the post title). You may recall regular reader, that this area has a bay that we anchor our boat in and we can either swim in (very shallow) or take the dinghy to the shore, cross through a state park by foot (Island State Park) and end up on the other side which is the beach!! White sand, big waves--awesome! We left the dogs on the boat for a little nap (don't worry, all locked up and a/c on) and Tom and I layed out on the beach and walked in the water some. It was wonderful. We bbq'd braats right at the boat and watched the sun go down as we headed back to the Marina. We often spend the night out anchored, but it was getting a bit windy and windy nights make for very poor sleeping conditions... so we headed in.

Waiting back at the dock were John and Lisa and we hung out with them visiting late into the night.

Sunday, Li and I felt super ambitious and decided to go on a 5 mile trail run through woods about 15 min from the Marina (this would be the land part of the post title). The name of the area escapes me right at the moment, but there are marked trails that allow for runners, mtn bikers and even horses. We had a great time--I love the scenery and terrain much more than a road run so it didn't feel like work at all, well, maybe a little. After, she and I shopped some surf shops and had a nice girls only lunch at my fave place--Surf Taco!

We ended the weekend with dinner out and then drove back home to get ready for the week.

One thing I am leaving out, but perhaps just saving the best for last...

For my birthday (only 29 shopping days left), Tom is getting me a Stand Up Paddle board of my very own. You may remember that I rented one last summer and had an awesome time with it. I have pretty much talked non-stop about it since then and my very sweet and handsome husband, even though he questions how much I will actually use it, has bought me one for my birthday.

Side note: He should know, that by questioning how much I will use it is seen as a challenge to me which means I will use it more than I ever even intended! :) Thanks honey!! :)

My camera is malfunctioning, so I have no pics to post, but I do have a fabulous video I found on youtube of a stand up paddler (using the exact same board I am getting) in Hawaii. Now I am not saying I will be as good as this guy... but just give me time...

Have a great week!
(photo courtesy of extremewindsurfing.com)


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