steph comes to town

Its been a while since we have posted anything and I am sorry about that! Normally when we have visitors I like to update the blog as we go along with all the pictures and stories of adventures-- but the last few days we have been running non stop!

My sister Stephanie came out on Wed evening from Seattle and after a nice dinner with Tom that evening, I took off Thurs and Fri so we could hang out and tour around. Growing up, my sister and I shared a room and we had many many good times---but also, being only 2 yrs apart, had many many arguments, BUT--- I am happy to report that after becoming adults, we have gotten past all that and I enjoy every second I have with her! She came alone---her first trip away from her kids--so that was a big deal for her and she did it up right by participating in non-kid friendly events and sleeping entirely through the night for the first time since 2004.

We had a fab time and since she had been to NY a few times before, we didn't do any of the usual NY tourist things and instead spent our time hanging out (and shopping) in Greenwich Village, touring (and shopping) in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) with my friend Angie (thanks for playing tour guide Ang!!) art shopping in Soho, hanging out at the Shore with Tom, Lisa and John and basically just was so nice! We also stayed at a fabulous hotel across the street from Central Park and went to see Hair on Broadway. LOVED IT!!!!! Tom and I have been fortunate enough to see a few shows since we've moved here, but this one was so different than the rest---in a good way. Even though its a revival from the 70's, its very fitting for this day and age as well.

Steph also had a chance to babysit her niece and nephew--Frank and Ollie--while Tom and I attended a wedding (very fun) on Saturday night. She now calls them her angels... :) Their charms are irresistible!

Here are some pics from Steph's visit:

Steph and Di at the Fat Black Pussy Cat bar in Greenwich Village
Di and Angie at Juliett's in Williamsburg (fab food) and some corresponding Brooklyn pics...
The City from Brooklyn
Steph browsing art in Soho
Steph and Di at the Shore
Li and Di at the Shore
Steph and Di in Times Square
Pics from Hair--us outside and one of our fave actors
An opportunity for Bernie Madoff victims...he is the devil.


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