Hey everyone--another work week is nearly over and its gone by pretty fast for us. I can't believe that just Monday I was one of the lucky ones to have an audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama who was in town for a talk on Compassion and the different Buddhist views on the topic. Even if you are not Buddhist, you cannot help but NOT like this man. He is so peaceful and so happy--it transfers onto all around him effortlessly. His english is excellent, but except for a few minutes in the beginning of the seminar, he chose to speak in his native Tibetan which was then translated into English. I have a great deal more to learn and study on these texts for me to feel as though I know just whats going on and being said--but I look forward to that challenge. Much of what is "preached" in this religion is very much common sense. Its refreshing.

It was a 2 part seminar and took place at the famous Beacon Theatre on the Upper West Side. The line to get in, even for us ticket holders, was wrapped around the building 2 times--its was nuts. All walks of life were in attendance, from "movie stars" to the distinguished looking elderly, to the stereotypical "buddhists" to people like me--- those that look a bit out of place, but wanting to fit in to this grand club.

Later that evening, after wandering the city, specifically near 3rd Ave which is really a great little place to wander, I met up with Gretchen in the Hells Kitchen http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hell's_Kitchen,_Manhattan
area for dinner.
She was in town for work and as you know regular readers, whenever she is in town we meet up! It was a Thai place with the fastest service I had ever seen, and good food!! Always great to see Gretchen and I loved hearing about her puppy!

After my big day Monday, the week flew by and Tom and I have been SO busy at work and counting the minutes now until the weekend when we'll be on the boat!! Supposed to be 80 on Saturday and then Sunday I am guessing Tom and the dogs have BIG plans for me since it IS Mothers Day. ;) Believe it or not, I am still sick... ear infection that I hope will get better soon with some different antibiotics. Tom is feeling a bit of a cold coming on though now... :(

Have a good weekend!

Attached are some recent pics, most being from Monday the 4th.
HH himself in a happy photo, but also in person including a wide view of the stage he and the other monks sat on; a window from the famous Palace Hotel (Chuck Bass' room) that stood out so spring like on the drenching rain day that Monday was; the Empire State Bldg looking very mysterious as I made my way home after dinner with Gretchen; Frank snuggling with Tom; dogs on the boat.