As Tom and I prepare for our first visitors this summer, my aunt Janelle and her daughters (my cousins) from Hawaii, I am busy thinking/planning/plotting the itinerary for our time that we'll spend in the city. I LOVE planning itineraries!! :)

Of course I will blog about all we see and do during their visit, but for today I just wanted to post a couple quotes that appeared in New York Magazine last summer (authors unknown--these were part of a series that encouraged New Yorkers to write in with what they loved about the city). I clipped these quotes out and saved them on my desk to refer to now and then as they make me happy. They describe NY well--at least in a way I can relate to. Not sure what I mean?--come and visit and find out. :)

"Because sooner or later everybody comes to New York: every band, every friend, everybody I want to see."

"The choice to be seen or be invisible."


  1. Angie said...

    I know you will do a great job taking your family to experience all the wonderful sites, sounds, tastes and smells (subway included) that this great city has to offer. It is a trip that will last in their memory for a lifetime!!!!