Let Summer Begin!!

Hello from the start of summer in what is known as the Tri-State Area!! This weekend we were fortunate enough to have BEEEEautiful weather and Tom and I of course went straight to the boat for our first weekend trip of the season! The new furniture is ready, the boat is all clean, sheets on the beds and the cooler is full. Oh yes... the cooler. You guys don't know this story yet.
Well--its a good one. We went to the boat last weekend just for the day and as per usual, went for dinner with John and Lisa. After our nice Thai dinner we talked ourselves into getting some desert so we headed across the parking lot to Chevy's--the tex mex place. They happened to be having a Cinco de Mayo party so while we drank some cheap Corona beer, we entered our names into a raffle for some various items--most cheesy items like corona beer signs etc. However, the Grand prize peaked our interest---it was a large metal insulated Corona beer ice box that would be PERFECT for our dock parties!!! So we entered then proceeded to visit and pick up some cool give-a-ways like very necessary corona beer cozies that are mini-ponchos (see pic) and light up necklaces. At just about 9 when we were getting ready to leave anyway.... the DJ from the local radio station sponsering the fiesta was ready to draw the name for the big prize. Lisa and I crossed our fingers and she called out........none other than TOM's NAME!!! We four jumped and clapped and high five'd our neighbors (well, Lisa and I did) at the surroinding tables. John and Tom loaded it into the truck and that night John bolted to our dock ready for the next sunny weekend... which takes us back to this current weekend!! :)

So far, all of our dock neighbors that have seen it love it and as Lisa said "what a great way to start the summer!!".

Here are some pics from our weekend hanging out and Tom with the big prize! Have an excellent week.