... which was an ACTUAL quote I used last night when Angie and I headed to see her friend (and now mine) Joseph and his band, Deadbeat Darling, play a show at Pianos on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I felt like I was in a movie or something saying that (which truthfully is why I said it and because seriously--who hasn't wanted to say that ever???).
side note to Jan: remember in WW where W & G kept showing everyone their backstage passes hanging around their neck. So much a moment like that... hahaha

Anyway-- Angie and I met up last night after work and had some dinner at the Stanton Social Club also on the LES. I have spent a lot of time in Greenwich Village since I went to NYU for classes, but this specific part of the Village I have only spent a bit of time in---and let me tell you, I could so live here. The restaurant was nice and became packed right away. Great food, tapas style, and Ang toasted me and my nuptials to Tom with a nice glass of Champagne! So nice!

So this area--really reminded us of Capital Hill in Seattle--20-30 somethings, very casually hip, giving off a very "come and see my band" kindof vibe. Ang and I did feel a smidge old at times (1) when we didn't get carded. Sad. 2) when we started to look for a 30 and over wine bar). :-) Overall though-- its an awesome part of town and an area that I will frequent again more often now!

Great little shops neighbor local delis that neighbor fabric stores that neighbor a cupcake place that also sells music. Nice.
Tons of eating establishments and as in many places of NYC (save Times Square), not a "chain" restaurant in sight.

The band rocked! It was a small club and very loud (a 3rd sign that we are old) but we were right up at the stage and Joseph was genuinly thrilled we made it out to see them--he even gave us a shout-out, to the "Seattle girls". I don't do well at explaining music genres aside from the glaringly obvious like country or gansta rap, so I am not going to attempt to label DBD. I will say though that its a mix of rock and grunge and emo and at times sounds like the Cure--with very lovely lyrics that are still stuck in my head even today.

Here are some pics and check out their link.


  1. Lauren said...

    Speaking of cupcakes...have you made it to Magnolia Bakery yet? Or Dean & Deluca?  

  2. Di and Tom said...

    oh good lord!! I was at Magnolia our first week here and subsequent times since! :-)