another down, a kazillion to go

I am talking about restaurants in Manhattan. Good Lord there are tons to choose from and the sad thing is that even in a lifetime of living here (if one should have such an opportunity) there is no way that all establishments could be visited. Its mind boggling!

Wednesday night I had plans to meet up with Gretchen as she had flown in for some work meetings. Even though I just saw her last week in Curacao didn't matter! Whenever we are together its fun times! I also found out that my friend Todd was going to be in town as well for work and since Todd and Gretchen met and became friends at the wedding, we invited him to dine with us. Gretchen chose the restaurant this time and she did a fab job. Molyvos on 7th and 56th is an upscale Greek restaurant with traditional greek atmosphere and food. We had a great time at dinner talking about everything from travel to Curacao to why we love NYC. After dinner it was pouring rain--drenching rain. And as we walked through Manhattan the 20 some blocks to the train station, through the tourists ducking for cover and the lights of Time Square popping and lighting everything up I felt like we were in a movie--it was a very surreal feeling. It was a great night.

Today is another drenching day (after a bizzarely warm day yesterday with perfect blue skies)--thunder, lightening, hail, fog. Tom had to drive to Long Island in this (poor guy) for work and Todd has to fly out in this (or attempt to) to head back to Seattle (poor guy).

On a side note: thanks to all of you that commented on the blog and to me directly in email in regards to my last post. I appreciate the support! :-)


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