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Hey everyone--its been a while since I have written---sorry about that. My trip to Seattle was a time sapper for sure, but in a good way. I had the opportunity to see many of my friends and spend some good time with my folks, sister and brother. I lucked out with the weather, which I couldn't beleive--it was in the high 60's almost every day. Of course, as always, I caught a cold about halfway thru my trip and that combined with my non-stop movement has extended its duration so that even today I still have no voice and somewhat of an ear ache. I'll hit the doctors office tomorrow if I am still feeling down and out.

Coming back from Seattle I was greeted at the airport by Tom (nice surprise, him waiting in baggage claim for me) and also, 85 degree weather at 11 45 in the evening!! NICE! Yesterday it got to 95 and we spent the day at the boat. We took it out for the first time this year and now we really can't wait until summer. Its nice again today, very hot actually and will remain so for a few days.

Not much else going on here--just getting caught up at work!

Here are some more pics from my trip-- not many though, sadly--I should have taken more.

the dogs laying out on the front of the boat
pike place market
grant and diana
michele, geoff, grantie and di
zane and his transformer (dig the RUN DMC shirt)
chloe chilling in the laundry basket
zane and his mets jersey and umbrella that auntie and uncle got him
michele and di
di, steph, grant and kids


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