we are freezing...

But its sunny... so still no complaining! But I do wonder, how even while snowing, it can be sunny? Ahhh the mysteries of a state with real seasons---still a new experience for me.

Today has been a great day! I have been taking a kick boxing class and it is kicking my butt! I love it!! Its a great way for me to start off a day before my busy day at work. Its such a great motivator for a productive attitude. Somedays, it even motivates me so much that I choose to run on my lunch break. Not sure if thats something I want or not, hahaha.

Tonight is a big night for Frank and Ollie! Our neighbor boy Paul (who is 10) is coming to hang out for a bit while his mom, dad and little sister Hannah have an event at Hannah's school. Paul is a great kid and everytime we see him (he and Hannah like to walk the dogs with us) we learn something new. He is very smart and he and his family moved here from Germany about a year ago. He speaks fluent English and of course German and he is a good little German language instructor for me too. :-) I am slowly learning the key phrases like "This is my dog" and "my name is Diana". Paul wants to be a pilot, like Tom, so he is always very interested in asking Tom many questions.
Paul LOVES the dogs so this will be a fun play date for them. Hannah, when finding out that Paul got to come over, began to cry and insist that she didn't need to go to her school appt (she is 6) and she would "just rather be with Frank and Ollie".

He'll be here soon so I need to run and get our Wii set up and the cookies out, but before I go, I want to give a special HELLO to one of our regular readers, Denise in Edmonton, Alberta. Hi Denise! We are so glad you like to follow our adventures (even when its a stretch to call them adventures)!! We loved seeing you a couple years ago and hope to see you again soon when we get to the Great North next time :-)


  1. John said...

    you now have a reader/follower in the Cayman Islands! Hi guys, hope all is well!  

  2. Di and Tom said...

    hey we miss you! bring some tan back for me and enjoy the heat. its FRIGID here. currently, 6 degrees.  

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