super cold

question: who decides to go to their boat on a 20 degree day with heavy snow forecasted to remove the windows (to get replaced) and to place a tarp over the boat?

answer: us.

result: frozen toes and COLD all over. of course, we had this planned and its hard to plan around the snow here in the winter, so we bit the bullet and headed down to the Jersey Shore at 7 this am to quickly accomplish our goal and head home. At first, it wasn't so bad--sure a little chilly, but with my 2 layers of fleece (can't escape, nor do I want to escape, from the seattle staple that is fleece), my hat and gloves I was fine. Tom must have just been really excited to get started because he didn't choose to wear his gloves or hat. This feeling of it being "not so bad" didn't last long.

I have to give Tom credit-- he did the hard work, putting the ropes through the very large tarp, tying it down at various points and braving the elements. I was his handy sidekick and also braved the elements including one time in-particular as I stood half in the boat, half out, and started to ponder exactly what I would do, step by step, if I fell into the icy water (the boat is in the water year round and in the winter, bubblers are placed under to make sure the water does not freeze). Luckily that didn't happen and we managed to get all the glass off, boat secured and get home just before the snow really started to accumulate.

We have prob just about 4" now, but this should continue all night and thru some of tomorrow and off and on to Tuesday. I LOVE IT still--so all of you that said "oh wait until you have a NE winter, then we'll see what you think"... this is my second NE winter and I still LOVE IT. :-)

Happy Weekend, cheer for the Giants tomorrow and here is the boat in warmer times. I can't wait to be tan again.