living small in nyc

I recently have discovered Facebook (yes I know I am a bit behind the times) and have gotten re-aquainted with friends that I haven't spoken to in years (in some cases, 20+ years--I am talking elementary school!! !!) Its been great!

Anyway... I recently began chatting with an old highschool friend I haven't talked to since our LHS days, Angie, and she too lives out East in Hoboken. We had a brief chat today on the desire to move into the city but that the house prices are CRAZY high (seriously, in NY, what recession?) After talking with her I opened up my favorite section of the NY Times---Real Estate--- to browse through the listings and articles. As you know, I always marvel at the small spaces for the big prices. Today a gentleman was featured who bought a co-op apt that he calls a "fixer-up-er" (kitchen is quite old and outdated and the bathroom is tiled in black and pink). The monthly maintenance is around $520 and he happily got a deal at $310,000. Pretty good for the Murray Hill area of town (around 30th and Madison). The apartment tho, this "fixer-up-er", is 313 square feet. The entire thing.
As I sit in my living room and ponder this, with the fireplace going, the couch, love-seat, coffee table, bookcase and chair within my view--I have ample room to practice ballroom dancing, have 15 friends over to do some yoga, build a rather large fort out of blankets and pillows (if my nephew were visiting) or play Wii Tennis with no space restrictions. It feels so large, that Tom and I sometimes resort to playing rock-paper-scissors when we are lounging on the couch to see who has to make the long walk to the kitchen to refill our wine glasses /coffee cups/make popcorn, etc. All of this occurs in our living room which is slightly larger than this man's entire apartment.
Now while we are happy with this size of living room, I cannot imagine our entire house with even 1/8 of our possessions crammed in here.
The trade off? This gentlemen is in the city. The wonderful, exciting, fast paced, artsy, fun and beautiful city--the best city in the world in my opinion and I'm sure when he compares himself to some other NY residents, he feels he has a mansion. See below.
This video was featured on an Oprah show. These people (husband, wife and baby) live and they say enjoy a 265 sq ft apartment in NY. Just watching the video makes me feel like stretching and not to mention impressing upon me a deep sadness at the thought having to drop down to having pretty much only 3 outfits (check out their "dressers").

The city draws me in... I gaze wistfully at the brownstones in Greenwich Village or the gargoyle protected condos on the Upper West Side... but for the money--and the close proximity we have now to the city--- I am happy where we are (until we win the lotto or I become an uber successful author (lottery is more likely...) then we will have the BEST brownstone housewarming party you WILL EVER SEE)!!


  1. Lauren said...

    We lived in 565 sf in DT Chicago & it wasn't bad. We have a lot more space now but not we also buy a lot more stuff to fill it up. We also didn't have a child. What are they doing to do when that baby gets bigger & can't sleep in a bassinet?! While we managed with much less sf'age than we have now, I can't imagine THAT little.  

  2. Kristen said...

    Cool video! We could be roommies in Greenwich village! ;) Frank and Ollie don't take up too much space, right?
    I'm glad you're on facebook! it will change your life! :D  

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