shout out...

Hey everyone! As you know, we appreciate how many people visit our blog and leave comments, or just silently enjoy it (hopefully enjoy). Our short post today is to serve the purpose of giving a BIG shout and thanks to a few specific regions I would like to identify---1st, thanks to our Pennsylvania readers. I can honestly say that we do not know anyone in PA, but according to the blog visit info, we have quite the fan base there! Thanks much and please, leave a comment if you so desire (assuming its positive)! 2nd-- to our neighbors to the WAY South in Brazil! Their hits equal 1/4 of those from Canada. Thats saying a lot since we know NO ONE in Brazil, but we have ample family in Canada (hint hint Ellefson's...).

And as a final acknowledgment-- thanks to our 2 readers in Russia. Wow. Russia. Cool.

There are many other countries and states we will call out in 2009 to say thanks for reading! :-)


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