i love it here

this is a short post but I couldn't not comment on today. First of all, and I know I sound like a broken record, but it was beautiful today--perfectly sunny. After work I headed to our local coffee shop--Smart World--always organic and always fair trade (I know its not Starbucks although my heart belongs to them always) to take advantage of it being light later and to have some time to myself to write. Just before entering Smart World and sitting in my usual easy chair and ordering my usual green tea, I stopped into the magazine stand (store) across the street. Just to set this up--this city, like all towns around this area, have very quaint downtown areas that are a throwback to small towns and just walking down "Main Street" gets my memory going thinking of summers from my childhood visiting my grandparents in Omak, WA or camping in Chelan, WA and visiting the small "mom and pop" book stores and cafe's. But--- these small towns here are NOT like those small towns. The small towns near us are thrivng with activity and modern features that seem to lack in truly small town areas and while unique, are closely enough connected that you never feel like you are stuck somewhere far away. The magazine store also sold real penny candy, postcards that seem to have been printed in the 70's, tobacco and every magazine you'd ever want has not changed since it opened in the 1940's (per the owner I spoke with). Walking in, newspapers were strewed all over the floor--the owners' remedy for the winter weather and to keep people from slipping. I couldn't stop smiling. I loved it. How corny do I sound? I don't care. I am happy!!


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