when fashion came to town

My friend Marin from Seattle came to visit Tom and me recently for a long weekend.
No offense to any of my other friends, but Marin is by far, the most fashionable friend I have. Now, compared to me--most people are more fashionable, but Marin is like the shopping role model for me and most of my girlfriends at work (Marin works in the same building as I did in Seattle).

She had been to NY before a couple times, but never in the position she was now---totally able to shop 'til she dropped as she had nothing else on the agenda and believe me, I was a very willing participant!! We didn't hit the "regular" stores, but instead the designer boutiques and quaint shops that make up the areas of NY known as SOHO, NOHO and of course, Greenwich Village. We of course ventured out to 5th Ave as well as seeing many other cool "staple" sights such as Washington Square Park, Wall Street, St Patrick's and the Rockefeller Center Ice Rink.

We also spent one of the days in Williamsburg (Brooklyn). Williamsburg is one of my new favorite hangouts. The shops rival those of SOHO, but there doesn't seem to be a building taller than 5 stories and even at rush-hour its quiet and maneuverable; much different than Manhattan.

We had to refuel from all of our shopping so we dined at some hotspot restaurants including Butter, Spice Market and Nobu 57 (Tom drove out and he met us for dinner at Nobu as did Tom's brother Fred who was in town for work from Dallas) but also at some small neighborhood cocktail lounges where our drinks never seemed to make it onto the bill at the end of the night...

One of the highlights of the visit was the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade! You may recall that I went last year with my sister-in-law Kim and like last year, it was warm, about 70. BUT this year--- it POURED rain on us for about 20 min so we got all nice and soaked. It was still fun and what was more fun than the parade was just meandering through the Village afterwards seeing all the costumes and people. A very fun night. A very fun trip.

Here are some pictures:

Marin and Madonna and Madonna--in the Meatpacking District

Halloween decorating Brownstone style (in Chelsea)

View of Manhattan from our walk on the Brooklyn Bridge

Marin, me and friends we met just that night at the parade

Us getting our "party" on with a Zombie after the parade

Some Brooklyn shots. Note the whiteboard outside of this awesome bookstore. Advertising a reading with the friendly reminder-- "No Heckling".