Chef Dave

Our favorite Italian restaurant here, Il Giardino is FAMOUS. We loved it before it became famous, but we love it now even more since the head chef, Dave Levey, is the most recent winner of the cooking reality show Hell's Kitchen!!!

I honestly hadn't seen the show, only heard of it, but when our dear friends and neighbors Marc and Donna told us this fact---we were elated! Marc and Donna arranged for us to have a nice dinner shortly after Dave returned to Il Giardino before he heads to HIS new restaurant (the prize from the show)-- Araxi Restaurant-- in Whistler BC.

We met Dave and visited with him. Donna and I even got to see him in action in the kitchen and get pics (Tom and Marc weren't nearly as excited as Donna and I--but they thought it was cool)!!

Twice since, we have eaten there with friends and both times Dave has come out to our table to visit and meet our other friends.

Dave is a young guy with a bright future ahead and we can say we knew him when!! All my friends in Seattle and Canada--get over to Whistler this Winter and tell him I sent you! ;)

Here are pics of Donna and Dave in the kitchen and Dave sitting down for a glass of wine with us. The lighting is low in the restaurant and we just had camera phones, so pardon the quality of the photos...


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