... today we had to pull them out again!! It was WARM and SUNNY --70 degrees!! Amazing! Honestly though, it doesn't surprise us here. When we first moved here and went to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade it was 70 degrees. This area gets some wacky winter weather and we are ok with that--well, most of it--Hurricane Ida's remains sent some major flooding to the majority of counties in NJ and other coastal states, but further north where we are, we were spared except for some light rain. Our boat was ok too... but the sandy beaches that we just hung out on as recently as mid Oct near our boat are under major repair as the wild waves and rain did some damage.

With the weather so nice, Tom, the dogs and I went hiking. About 20 min from our house is Pyramid Park. While the elevation gain on "mountains" here may be laughable to our West Coast friends and family, this hike did have its challenging moments with lots of steep up hill scrambles. The elevation gain was only 220 ft though... so not too daunting.

At the top we had views of Manhattan. WOW. That is all I can say. Where else can you hike and then see the best city in the World just over the tree-tops? That was a cool moment.

After the view point we descended a bit to Tripod Rock. Tripod Rock is a natural "spiritual, energy vortex" that dates back at least two glacial cycles. According to legend, it has a great energy that is intensified on the summer solstice each year (of which draws hundreds of people to watch the sun set between the rocks).

Whether or not you buy into the spiritual aspect, it is pretty dang amazing to see these enormous rocks balanced on other smaller rocks. We were amazed.
We snapped some photos and then hiked back down -- total of 4 miles!

--Climbing to the top and then a skyline shot of Manhattan in the distance.

--the rocks


  1. Andrea said...

    Jealous! Its totally crappy weather here as you can expect  

  2. Captain Key said...

    Friend, please walk three paces in front of me when we hang out. I can't be seen next to you when you are looking so good!  

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