the Holidays are upon us...

... and that means getting caught up, hopefully in a good way, in the sights and sounds and BARGAINS to be found!

All the shops here, as I am sure where you are, are already bursting with holiday decorations and the towns and NYC have all the decorations either up or going up, probably as I write this.

Being in SOHO this past week (by the way, for those of you who are not from around here, SOHO stands for South of Houston Street. And Houston is pronounced HOUSE-TON) I saw so many great shops that had SUCH cute stuff--but a lot of it was way out of my price range--even after applying the cost per wear formula Marin taught me...

One boutique stood out to me. It was SO cute! It featured unique make-up products and accessories for women but it was SO expensive that I was only a window shopper. The mistake some of these boutiques make is that they don't carry cute affordable items along with the more pricier items. Maybe that is a bad business plan, but I think it would bring in a variety of more customers and in this economy--that is essential!

One item I had in mind for this boutique to carry was my friend Veronica's newest creation. You must check this out!! Its a very cute cosmetic and/or accessory bag that may become the LAST bag of its kind you will ever buy. EVER. She has invented replaceable liners for her bags (we all can relate to the grossness that is our make-up bags after really not that long--especially if we travel a lot) to just zip in and out when a new one is needed.

And one of the best things about Veronica's bags aside from them being affordable, is that they can be used for SO much more than a cosmetic bag.

Check out her website:

You can't shop for them in the boutiques yet, so don't go out on a major shopping excursion. Its much easier than that---buy online!

Here is a blip from the website:

Vemayca cosmetic bags are designed to be multi-functional. They can be used not only as make-up bags, but also as accessory bags to organize a long list of personal items. Women love these bags to transport their electronics, pack delicate undergarments or carry hobby supplies. Because of the unique removable Soft Pearl Liner, the uses are endless. Used as a cosmetic bag, there is no need to spend time cleaning out bags with caked-on mascara or spilled nail polish. Simply replace the Soft Pearl Liner and, in a snap, you are good to go. It doesn’t matter if you are buying for your superstar wife, mod grandmother, your fashionable teenage daughter, your picky sister or your mother who has everything, there is room in everyone’s life to be beautifully organized.

In addition to the innovative removable Soft Pearl Liner, the Vemayca cosmetic bag features:

Generous central compartment for your favorite beauty and personal items
Two large zippered side pockets for additional storage and organization
Light-colored silver satin lining, making the contents highly visible
Custom metal zipper pulls that are easy to grip
Flat bottom so the Vemayca bag stays upright
Super soft and and lightweight
Size: measures approximately 9 inches wide, 6 inches high and 2 inches deep


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