Living in this area-- we literally have the world at our fingertips. If we want Ethiopian BBQ at 3 30 in the morning, we can get it. If we want to see an up & coming band at a "word of mouth" rooftop concert long after we would normally go to bed, we see that band. If we want to go dancing at a club deep underground that has no name and some very questionable patrons and dance "contests", all we'd have to do is get changed and go. But the crazy thing is, on this cold Saturday evening, I am choosing to sit under a down blanket with my dogs watching football while Tom installs some accent lights highlighting some artwork in our dining room while all the while--we look forward to Chinese take-out (I could have made at least that part interesting and said Ethiopian BBQ) and watching Saturday Night Live.

So what does this mean? Are we old---even though we tell ourselves we aren't? Possible.
Are we boring? Some may say yes.
Are we wasting what the best city in the World has to offer us-- taking for granted the gems that are all around us there for the taking/seeing/doing? Sometimes, maybe.

The reality though dear reader-----are that the possibilities for action are nonstop and never ending in this great city and even in our 2 years here, we have experienced so much--but still so very little.
Its hard for some of our visitors to fathom that really, anything we want to do we can do and anything we want to experience we can--there are no limits if you have the desire.

But tonight, the thing we want to do is build a fire while admiring the lights Tom installed, cheer on my football team, eat some egg drop soup and relish the fact that if we WANTED to go dancing at that rowdy new "no name" club on the Lower East Side, my favorite pair of outrageously sexy boots are just a few steps away in my closet and in NY--it is never to late to go out.


  1. Anonymous said...

    I know exactly how you feel. Can you imagine when I had enough to move to the Shore. (another wonderful place!)Your not getting old or boring...just taking a breath. It's always right outside your door.
    Love Ya , Lisa  

  2. Anonymous said...

    This almost sounds like a Carrie Bradshaw reflection- hahahahaha. And I can't wait to get back, so we can run around the city - I do love it!!!! Melissa