My BFF from college came out to visit this past weekend. Michele lives in Seattle and you will surely recognize her from our recent post while in Seattle. She happened to be in Philly for a business trip and she was able to extend that trip and come and visit Tom and me!!

We did the city right! Michele had never been so we lived it up!! We wined and dined ourselves at all the hotspots in NY as well as got $159 rate at a $400 a room boutique hotel AND got $130 tickets to a Broadway show for $26!!

Everytime someone comes to visit we of course hit the main tourist spots (Top of the Rock, St Patrick's, Central Park, Greenwich Village, Little Italy (Michele's fave--even though it POURED rain on us--see pic)) but I always seem to see something(s) I have NEVER seen before--LOVE THIS CITY.

This time those new things were the famed NYC Library (see the movie Ghostbusters?) as well as Wall Street. I have never been down that way and it was neat to see the glorious Trinity Church as well as the spot that George Washington was Inaugurated---right across the street from the NY Stock Exchange.

We had so much fun and Michele loved the city as much as I do! We also spent Sunday with Tom and the dogs down at the boat hitting the surf shops and even stopping by a Longboard Surf Contest at the Shore.

Happily--Michele will be back this way again for work and not only will she extend her trip(s) to last the weekend--hopefully her husband Geoff (who is like my brother as I have known him FOREVER) and their sweet little girls (Emily and Ashley Renee) can come out as well!


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