Hotdogs & Pumpkins

Its that time of year again when the leaves start to change colors, football is on the tv and our fireplace comes on in the evening... its Autumn!

On the East Coast, Autumn has got to be the prettiest season. With all of the deciduous trees here (vs. the high volume of Evergreen trees on the West Coast), its a joy driving down otherwise boring highways-- the colors are gorgeous!

Today--as traditionally we do each year-- we hit the Pumpkin Patch with Frank and Ol. Its a U-Pick Patch near where we live and we all enjoy (well, mainly Frank, Ollie and I enjoy--Tom is a good sport and agrees to snap photos & lug Pumpkins) going and carefully treading over all the vines, giant leaves and Pumpkins to find the perfect future Jack-o-Lantern. Its usually a short trip as Frank and Ol really aren't much help in choosing and Tom seems to have a 12 minute P Patch limit... but it was a gorgeous day--perfectly sunny and about 60 degrees!

Here are a couple pics:

mom and the kids

farm house at the patch-- one of the oldest working farms East of the Mississippi.

hay rides to take pickers to the BEST part of the patch


  1. Captain Key said...

    So fun! I love it! :)  

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