Not only did Tom and I see In The Heights, (see a few posts back) I was also lucky enough to see The Toxic Avenger AND Rock of Ages on Broadway this last week.

Toxic Avenger is actually an off- Broadway show (for now) that originally was a movie but got its theater start at Rutgers University here in Jersey. David Bryan, the keyboardist from one of the BEST GROUPS EVER, Bon Jovi, did all the music for the show. Lisa won tickets for us and we LOVED it! I feel lucky to have seen it before it hits Broadway... which is its next step. I can say "I knew it when..."
It will give you an appreciation for Jersey you never knew you had. Seriously.

By the way, Li and I had a great night in the city. She pretty much grew up there so she was able to take me all over to some of her old haunts from back when she was in her band and touring with such groups as the Bangles and the Go-Go's.
It is a great time whenever we are together!

And just last weekend when Michele was here, she and I got AWESOME seats to Rock of Ages. This show is a heartwarming story of a rocker wannabe and the girl he falls for. What makes this show so good, aside from the 5 TONY nominations it received, are the 80's songs that are sung IN THEIR ENTIRETY throughout the show! Bon Jovi, Journey, Night Ranger, Poison, Europe--the list goes on! IF it comes to your city or if you come here and you LOVE the 80's-- you must go.


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