... to grandmother's house we go. Isn't that how that song goes?

Tomorrow Tom and I set out to Seattle for our first trip back together since moving out East and with NO work or office visits on the agenda. It will be nice to visit with my family and our friends. We miss everyone so much. Of course we won't see all the people we'd like to--we have to visit in shifts it seems, but we'll get to see a few on the list! One stop is in Yakima, WA where we are having a family reunion. My mom's side of 8 kids, most with kids and some of those kids with kids will be there and we will of course be visiting with my grandparents who still live in Yakima (see how I tie this in with the blog post title?-- haha).

We are looking forward to seeing everyone and I will post pictures for sure. Be prepared for cheesy family fun pics that when you see them you will surely think to yourself "I guess you had to be there".


Just for fun--here are some very vintage family reunion photos to get everyone in the mood!


  1. Captain Key said...

    Awww have fun! The best thing about Yakima is that it now has a Sonic! Yayuh! Think of me when you wheel past the Burg, my other homeland.

    Travel safe! :)  

  2. Andrea said...

    Have fun! The weather is pretty good right now. Say hi to my family in Yakima if you see them :) (Because of course you know exactly who they are and all...)  

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