Go West Young Man... and Woman!

We went. We visited. We laughed. We enjoyed. We are home.

Our trip to Washington (State) went off without a hitch, complete with 84 channels of real time tv via Direct TV on our flights for $6 (BEST $6 I ever spent) and no airline delays.

We were pretty much on the go the entire time. We started out in Yakima, Wa (home of my grandparents and...place of my birth for all of you factmongers out there) for a family reunion! It was sunny and hot and we had so much fun visiting with all of my relatives. Some pics of the reunion are attached... but my photoshop gifted uncles have taken SO many more, so... stay tuned for more "creative" pics.
There may be some Karaoke pics...

After getting back to the West of the Mountains after the reunion (and did I mention how wonderful it was to see mountains again--- Tom and I both miss that out here in the East) we spent a bunch of time with my immediate family. It should come as no surprise that the stars of that show for sure were Zane and Chloe--our nephew and niece. So CUTE. Auntie and Uncle treated them right as always with presents and kisses and Uncle even had a chance to go "camping" (in the living room) with Zane.

We spent the rest of the week visiting with my folks, seeing TONS of friends---TONS---- and actually having some time for Tom and I to play tourist in Seattle which was nice---actually have never done that before! :)

We made it home late last night and picked up our babies first thing this morning from the Doggie Spa. We missed them so much!!

Also-- side note-- having moved to the East Coast we have made some great Jewish friends and the Jewish presence, being very prevalent out on this side of the country, the Jewish holidays are very well known among all faiths and acknowledged equally to all other holidays (what a breath of fresh air that is!!).
With that said-- Happy Rosh Hashanah!

*My home town!

*Two of my oldest and BEST friends and I: Geoff, Michele & Diana

*Group dinner at Icon Grill in Seattle!

*Our dear friends Deb, Chris, Lauren and baby girl due Nov 6.

*Friends: The "guys" and the "kids". Our friend Jack holding Chris and Deb's toddler Lauren, Chris holding Jack and Cathy's baby Melina and "Uncle Tom" holding... the toy we brought for Melina. Where are Frank and Ol when we need them!!??

*Dad teaching Tom the finer points of B Ball

*Bocce ball "Dream Team"

*Zane & my cousin Ryan climbing the tree

*Di & Caitlin

*Tom, my brother-in-law Jesse and my brother Grant

*Di, Mom, Steph, Chloe and Zane

*Uncle & Zane

*Auntie & Chloe


  1. Captain Key said...

    Glad you had such a great time! I would have loved to have seen you in Karaoke action! :) P.S. Since when do you have a good looking brother? ha ha ha  

  2. SeattleGrl said...

    Ahhh, great pictures and it looked liked you guys had a lot of fun. I am glad you had a good time. Rach-ever since I saw a picture of her bro I have been asking the same thing...He has quite the fan club...LOL!!!  

  3. Di and Tom said...

    you girls!! he has always been a babe... but has gotten better with age for sure! :)  

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