hey everyone-- my sincere apologies for not posting for ages! Tom and I have been out of control busy getting everything ready for our wedding/honeymoon trip to Curacao! We head out in a few days and as everyone knows--- getting things tied up at work prior to leaving for an extended period of time is a bit time consuming!

Even though we have been busy with work, we have managed to find time to have A LOT of fun which includes trips to the city to wander and be with friends, eating at some fab restaurants (so many in NY--its unbelievable) and even partaking in an early St Paddy's day parade.

Most recently, but with no pics to post, I met Gretchen for dinner at Fig and Olive uptown--- near St Patrick's and the famous Palace Hotel. She'll be in Curacao with us so I'll get pics then, in fact----we'll have so many pics! Stay tuned!!! :-)

Here are some pics with some commentary.

a police officer totally in the green spirit!
Tom and Di on one of the many bridges in Central Park
Zach, Ang and Tom at the parade
old fallout center in Greenwich Village
dog walkers in Madison Square Park (the wiener dog in the blue is named Walter)
Tom and Di in Central Park.
John, Li, Tom and Di on a very special day in NY (Feb 28) But it was SO cold.
angie and Di at the WORLD FAMOUS Hoboken St Paddy's Day Parade (on Mar 8)
great panoramic shot of the city


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