I know its been sooooooooooo long since Tom and I posted, but we have been BUSY in Paradise!! As you all know--we got married on the beach on the beautiful island of Curacao in the Caribbean at sunset on March 20 (first day of Spring).

It was beyond words---perfect beyond anything Tom or I imagined and better than our best predictions of how it would go.
The ceremony was perfect, the priest sincere and the guests were top notch!! The after-party was perhaps the best after party in all of the world with sand dancing and tons of pics!!

There is no way I can describe how wonderful it felt to be married to Tom in front of all those close to us in such a beautiful setting! It was so much fun--we want to do it again.

Our guests (and there were so many that couldn't make it, but they were in our hearts) all had a great time too (so they told us) and came from all over North America!

The staff at the Curacao Marriott resort could not have been better (I highly recommend the coordination services of Anjali) and seriously--the entire trip has been PERFECT! More details to come as I post pics when I get back to the states!!


  1. Lauren said...

    As I read these, I'm so happy for you guys & wish soooo badly we could have been there. Congrats & hugs!  

  2. Heidi said...

    Congrats! I can't wait to see the pics. I followed your comment from Andrea's blog. I need your email and then I can invite you to my blog. So much to catch up on! -Heidi Mae!  

  3. Angie said...

    Congrats. I wish I could have been there. I thought of you guys everyday and am so happy for the both of you. I can't wait for the pics!!