Ahhhhhhhhh Paradise. We made it and we love it and we don't want to leave (its a good thing we love where we live or else--I don't think we would leave here)!

We got in after a long day of travel through Florida (even stopping by Ft Lauderdale Beach during Spring Break--too bad we are about WAY TO OLD for that to be cool anymore) and thankfully uneventful plane rides and no lost luggage!

We were surprised at the airport by Tom's brother Ted, his wife Karen and their 4 girls. They rented a true party bus--complete with rusted floor boards and zero shocks (or brakes so it seems). Ted is a natural Curacao driver tho and we trucked right along to our hotel.

Upon rolling up to the lobby in this sweet machine we were surprised again to see Doug and Gretchen, our friends from Santa Monica, waiting in the lobby enjoying some of the home brewed Curacao beer: Amstel. We checked in, checked out our room (NICE-- right on the beach) and then all of us headed to dinner at the hotel bar (even the kids gotta go in--I used the "we're getting married here" card to work some magic and believe me, I have used it since--liberally--for all types of special treatment (in reality-- this place is so amazing and very Dutch (a Dutch colony) which automatically translates to very nice people (thinking of you Yvonne) so this "special treatment" is probably run of the mill. We love the Dutch and like Aruba, we love the local people.

At dinner we were again surprised by 2 more friends, Lloyd and Karen. Lloyd and Tom went to college together and he and Karen now live in Toronto. Lucky dogs--they had a direct flight here.

Today Tom and I got all of our wedding appointments out of the way this morning and things are going great! We love the coordinator and if any of you out there plan on getting married on an island, I recommend this one. After, we relaxed on the beach soaking in the sun and waded in the water. Like Aruba, the water is quite warm. It is winter tho still--the tail end anyway, so the locals have "warned" us that the water is a bit cool (only 76 degrees)!!!!
The land temps are in the 80's and beautiful. The breeze off the water makes it very nice.

We haven't seen too much of the island yet--that will come in the next couple days. Tonight Tom and I "split up" and he went on a night dive with Gretchen and Doug while I am hanging back tying up some last minute details and waiting for more family to arrive tonight. Gretchen, Doug, Tom and I are going diving tomorrow morning (which we are so excited for). Instead of the boat dives we are used to, the best dives here are done from the shore, so we just have to gear up and walk into the water). So far. Gretchen and Doug have seen tons of squid, sea horses and eels We love every bit of vacation and this island is just awesome. In fact, where else can you sit on your deck and look out onto the ocean and the white sand while at the same time sipping a glass of wine and being cooled by the soft breeze just as the sun sets? I guess lots of places--- but one is here and we are so happy to be here! We miss our babies tho--- thanks John and Li for taking care of them!!!!

Pics to come soon. There isn't great wireless coverage here (only drawback) so I am not sure how much I can post... but we'll get some pics up!

Happy St Patrick's Day!!


  1. ExportRyan said...

    You had me up until "Dutch Colony". Gah! They are the worst.  

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