is summer really over?

technically I guess it is with labor day passing... the kids out here are all back in school, the pools are all closed and in the evening fall does seem to be in the air--except for yesterday, today and probably tomorrow!! It got to 90 here yesterday! Tom and I headed into the city for dinner last night (ate at a great restaurant: The Barking Dog) and it was HOT the entire night (the city cement definitely adds to that heat). I love the city. I love going in and everything about it. Tom scratches his head some at that (driving there is no fun, I agree), but he sees the draw.

This weekend we had possibly the best weekend we have had all summer (I know, I think I have said that before... but this time I mean it). We spent the entire weekend at the boat and took a 2-night trip to Tyces Shoal with Lisa and John. We love that spot as the water on the bay side is warm and shallow --perfect for floating around and swimming and just a short walk over a wood foot path that is only reachable by boat, you find yourself on a beautiful sandy beach and the atlantic ocean. We spent a day at the beach on Saturday and we enjoyed swimming in the ocean and both nights we took John's dinghy to that foot bridge and headed to the beach to build a bon fire. So much fun. Roasted marshmallows, laughed and just relaxed. Perfection. Tom and John took one full day and deep sea fishing on a friend's boat that is at our marina. They caught a bunch, but released a bunch (much to Lisa and my delight).

We have had a busy week back to work and its a short week for us-- Friday, Tom and I head to South Bend, IN to meet up with our friends from Santa Monica Gretchen and Doug (Gretch is Notre Dame alum) and to attend the 1st ND game of the season! Even though I am more of a USC fan (ND's arch rival), we are SO excited to go and experience all that is Notre Dame! They have the largest fan following in the country and tickets to the game are hard to get. We love college football so the weekend should be a blast!

Pics will be posted for sure and for now, here are some pics from our Labor Day weekend.
*pics: the gang at the beach at night, Tom fishing, Tom jet skiing, Piper and Timber on the dinghy...


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