ok, I found out, its "Noter" Dame and anyone that pronounces it "Notra" Dame is clearly misinformed...

Second-- that guy is dressing up like a leprechaun just cause he can and probably cause he has red hair. After attending the pep rally today with Gretchen, I saw the actual leprechaun that the school recognizes and man, does that guy have a lot of energy.

This school is really into football and it has us fired up for the game tomorrow and any other college football game Tom and I will try and attend this year. (It makes me miss and at the same time fondly recall the Husky games we went to for years).

Tonight Gretchen, Tom and I visited some of Gretchen's old "college" hangouts for dinner and beverages and had a great time--college flashback for sure. All 3 of us are picking up Doug at the airport tomorrow and our day begins then!


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