hello from south bend, indiana

tom and i took today off and flew (at 6 am--so tired) to cincinnati and then onto South Bend for tomorrows Notre Dame football game. Whew! Go Irish! ND is similar to the UW this year--going through a little bit of a rebuilding phase...

Tom has had work calls pretty much all afternoon so I gave myself a tour of the campus. Its a beautiful place and many new buildings are being constructed. (I still think the UW is the prettiest campus i have ever seen and thats not just cause I went there...)

I was shocked to see the bookstore totally packed, I mean packed--tons of alumni in for this game (and every game I am guessing). After happily purchasing a couple of necessary t-shirts for Tom and I, I wandered around and got some pictures.

Its cold here!! 68 only and drizzly--but its supposed to be mid 70's tomorrow and as I look outside now, I see the blue sky already peeking through.

This weekend will be a fun one and I hope to get the following questions answered:

1) Is it pronounced "Noter Dame" or "Notra" Dame. We have informally collected data from various residents here and its been conflicting.

2) Was the guy in this picture forced to dress like the mascot for rush week or something, or was it by choice? (He gladly posed for a pic).

Answers hopefully to follow.
Oh yes and the dogs are having a wild time at John and Lisa's. Not sure who will be more tired after the weekend between the humans and the dogs after hours of wrestling and playing, but my guess is John and Lisa...


  1. Kristen said...

    My campus is beautiful, too! Come visit! <3  

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