have a nice fall

fall is here and oddly, we are semi-ok with it. Yes we are going to miss the guaranteed warm weekends at the boat, flip flops and our sun kissed bronze tans (well, only one of us really has a tan)... but autumn here is so beautiful and its actually still pretty warm out, PLUS with a thanksgiving like we had last year (70 degrees) how can we NOT look forward to fall?

We still have some summer weather to enjoy and last week we did just that which was a great thing as our friends from Canada came to visit.

John and Laureen live in the suburbs of Edmonton, Alberta and John and Tom have been buddies since high school. Because of work, Tom and I couldn't really take much time off, but we did manage to meet up for dinner in the city as well as spend time together each eve and the weekends. They had a fabulous time and the time we spent at the shore over the weekend was one of the best days we have ever had at the beach (John and Lisa joined us too).

Attached are some pics... diana and laureen living the beatnik life in Greenwich; tom, ollie and John hanging in the living room, ollie and frank, di and lisa being silly at the beach, times square at night, laureen as the statue and us 4 at dinner.


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