hello from vacation

Hello everyone! We are vacationing this week and for the first time ever, we did not leave our home state. We are at the boat all week and while we may venture into NY waters (Montauk) or even up to Block Island, we are just happy where we are. No airplane rides, no hotels to deal with and we have the dogs here too!

The only obligation I set for myself today was to get the special issue of People with the Jolie-Pitt twins featured. Once that chore was done, its been non-stop relaxing. :-) Ahhhh vacation.

Tom and I hung out at Pt Pleasant and Seaside Heights today visiting the boardwalk, some surf shops and the nearby beach towns. We found a place that rents Stand Up Paddle boards so either we'll rent them this week or next weekend! I am very excited to try it!! It truly feels like summer down here. We love it!


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