...and meet me tonight in Atlantic City".
- lyrics from 'Atlantic City'

I could not resist quoting one of my fave Bruce songs especially since its so fitting for our current location!

Atlantic City is about a 3 1/2 hour boat ride from our Marina so it was a perfect choice for a 2 day trip. We considered some other locations, but some windy weather and time factored in so this seemed like the perfect idea and it is turning out to be just that--perfect!

We are docked at Trump Marina (the hotel attached was just bought by Jimmy Buffett so soon it will be themed Margaritaville! We will be back for that for sure!!). The Marina and boats here are gorgeous--some of our "neighbors" here seem to be doing very well for themselves.

We got in yesterday and after getting settled, checked out the famous boardwalk. I LOVE Boardwalks! This one is complete with countless fun to watch "win a prize" booths, instant weight gain snack shacks and tons of amusement park rides (sometime ask Tom about the go-cart race he and I had overlooking the Ocean. Lets just say he is demanding a rematch. :-)

We are not big gamblers and even Vegas grows tiring for us after a day or so, but down here the beautiful beach is a nice bonus that distracts one from the casino life that runs day and night. The boardwalk is quite long--we walked about half yesterday and then went for dinner. We'll head over there soon to explore some more.

Here is some background: First the facts starting with the best one in my opinion... the streets of Atlantic City were used in the original Monopoly game. There are little bridges leading off the boardwalk onto the beach with names you will recognize: St James Place, Marvin Gardens, Indiana Ave, Pacific Ave and more. The boardwalk was first established in 1870 and as with all boardwalks then, were designed for the sole reason of helping store owners keep sand out of their shops. The salt water taffy is famous here (and delicious).

Now the opinions: Atlantic City is a bit cheesy-- but thats sort of expected and thats ok! Aside from the Ocean, it reminds us of Reno. It is much smaller and less showy than Vegas, but slighty larger and more lights than Reno. You can people watch all day here and of course the casino's are always packed. Caesars seems to be either re-done or fairly new. Its huge and well kept. They even have designated no smoking floors which for a Casino, is pretty rare. I especially like it after I turned $5 into $40 on video poker last night. Big spender I am.

The weather is perfect--mid 80's and sunny.

John and Lisa are going to drive down tonight to visit and go to dinner!
Have a great Wednesday!

*pics- tom on the boardwalk, hard rock and elvis, the dogs keeping watch and the marina area as we pulled in.


  1. BS said...

    I think this song would be perfect for the world famous Diana music club!  

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