where is my bus when i need it??

In my b.t. days (before Tom) many of you know that I had as my most prized possession, a 1977 VW Westfalia bus complete with stove, sink, fridge and slept 4. The fact that it needed a serious paint job and getting it to start required a serious pre-key turn prayer didn't matter to me... I loved it. But alas, I lived in Seattle and while these are common modes of transportation in Seattle... its so not a beach lifestyle and my bus was not used for its true purpose: surf bus.

Now, here on the East Coast, the vw busses are not so common; the rusty conditions overpower them, but oh how much I would love to have mine back, and here. Why you ask??

For my newest sport: SUP! Stand Up Paddle!! Its related to Surfing in a more movie-stars-are-doing-it and I-can-pick-it-up-pretty-easily-kind-of-way. Its really big on the West Coast and in Hawaii and I have been dying to try it out out here. I found a surf shop that demo'd them for free so Lisa and I picked it up Saturday am and spent a good part of the day on the water. At one point, Lisa stood on her kayak and we both "sup'd" all over the area near our marina. We mainly stayed in flat water and even with a random wake now and then from a boat, managed to stay up right the entire time. Its a great core workout and so much fun--I like it far better than kayaking. A few more times on flat water and then I think I will be up for trying it in some small waves in the ocean.

Tom took pics from the boat and due to the awkwardness of learning the right position and therefore the sometimes less than flattering body shots, only a few are posted. More to come. :-)
Other pics from the weekend too!
*frank, tom, ollie and di on john and lisa's little boat at Treasure Island, di on a sweet beachcomber in Long Beach Island (LBI)


  1. Kristen said...

    I think you should restore one of those vw buses for fun... and then drive it to texas! <3