get this now

so I am always one to love every technical gadget there is (even before I knew Tom, but of course now its worse); however, I am not often the first to know of said gadgets, so this entry may be old news to many of you...

Skype is awesome!! Its a free software program that allows you to see/talk/webcam with another over your computer FOR FREE. Even if your computer doesn't come with a webcam, just buy an after market one for less than $50!
Just the other night Tom and I visited with my aunt Jan in Hawaii and the broadcast was perfect, with no delay or "strobe light" effect with movement. Of course, Skype could be a real pain for example if you are feeling sick and looking awful in your pajamas on the couch, but aside from that, to quote my aunt "its like we're the Jetson's". She is so right!


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