Kristen's visit to the East Coast

Question: What is better than perfect weather, wandering through street festivals, hanging in Greenwich, visiting Museums, wheeling and dealing on purses, eating fab sushi and living the beach life?

Answer: Not much--especially when you do all of the above and more in NYC.

Kristen, Tom's niece, made her first trip ever to the Atlantic side of the country and she loved it. She is from Texas and is going into her Junior year at UT Austin. NY was a smidgen different from Texas. :-)

Tom let us loose on the city and we did things right! Here is a summary:
We got a great deal at a super modern swanky hotel in Soho, visited Chinatown (Kristen learned the haggling ropes very quickly), hung out at the weekly San Genero festival in Little Italy, visited the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and saw some Andy Warhol's and a visiting exhibition of Salvador Dali (We both really like him--but he is one weird guy), spent hours in Greenwich Village where Kristen wants to live (don't we all...), pet many a dogs in Central Park, had a street hot-dog, people and billboard watched in Times Square, marveled at the amazing St Patrick's, visited the World Trade Center site and the church across the street that miraculously was left standing after the attack (and now acts also as a museum of sorts for the 9/11 heroes), and took in the wonder of it all from 70 stories in the air at Rockefeller Center (as well as below the city on our subway travels).

We also spent 2 nights at the boat which Kristen loved. Lisa and I showed her the boardwalk and we tried some NJ specialties like fried Oreos and Pork rolls. Tom captained us all to Silver Bay (Lisa, John and their dogs joined us) and we had so much fun!

We didn't want Kristen to leave and we hope she does move to Greenwich! :-)
I am already sending her graduate school applications for NYU! :-)

Hopefully we will see her up here again soon. She was a perfect guest!

Its been a busy summer for us with visitors and we've loved every bit! We have a break now until mid-September and we are looking forward to some boat time and a trip to a Notre Dame game in Sept in South Bend, IN with our friends Doug and Gretchen.

Have a good week everyone!

*pics: Kristen at the top of the rock with central park in the distance; Kristen and Di at the moma exhibit of a suit; Kristen showing Salvador some love; Lisa and Kristen at our fave surf shop at the shore; the crowded shore beach; Kris and the subway; a Picasso painting at moma; Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe at moma.


  1. Kristen said...

    I had soooo much fun!!
    I can't wait to see you guys again! <3