Hi Everyone! Back to the work week for us here, but we had a little mini vacation this weekend at the Shore. We went down Friday afternoon and headed out to Tyson Shoal for Aquapalooza! (You may recall the famous summer concert festival in the 90's [which amazingly is still surviving] called Lallapalooza--similar name, but different scene). There are tons of boats that go and many all tie up together (think SeaFair for you Seattle people). There is a barge with a band, huge blow-up slides and rafts etc.

We tied up with John and Lisa and about 4 other boats and had a great time. The weaterh was in the 90's and the breeze, not to mention the swimming, kept things tolerable. It was a nice time and we met some new friends via John and Lisa so thats always a good thing. All 4 dogs loved it of course! Everyone thought they were so cute as they jumped from floatie to floatie. Frank managed to fall in with a slight mis-step on the swim platform, but "mom" jumped into "save" him! :-) He can swim, but how scary for him to fall in!? He's a tiny dog!!!!

I forgot my camera so no pics to post, but Lisa did see the band take a shot of 4 of us girls grooving to the music while on our floaties so maybe that will pop up on a website somewhere!

Have a good Monday!